Suicide and Depression

Are two things I know a lot about from my studies, from experience… it’s actually a big reason why I started this anonymous, personal blog. Not to sit here and whine and complain about my life, my woes. Not in the hopes of getting any sympathy whatsoever from whomever may read this. But as a sort of therapy to myself. Writing is therapeutic. Writing in a journal that I only I can see is great, but writing in a journal that anyone can see, is better. Why? Because I can connect with strangers who may feel the same way, who have gone through the same experiences. One can finally connect with someone who UNDERSTANDS.

I have every intention of getting more into detail about my history with suicide and depression, but I’ve just been way too tired since I’ve started this blog. I think it’s Epstein Barr paying me a visit again. I can barely make it through the work day without falling asleep. And I work with children. That’s just not an option!

I made the mistake of subscribing to Thought Catalog, which I love, but they send me a new blog update email every couple of minutes. After I post this, I am going to change those settings, but I took advantage of having all this writing hand delivered to me and kept the links to the ones that looked interesting. This is my reading for the evening. I just read this one and wouldn’t you know, I could UNDERSTAND it, I could feel what the author was feeling(in a generic sense). And this, my friends, is one of the beauties of this online community of bloggers and writers.

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