Manic Monday 1/6/14

Monday. No matter how lazy my weekend, I am never prepared for how crazy my Mondays can be or how tired I am. I was ready for bed the minute I walked in the door at 6pm this evening. I needed a nap. But I had things to do! Things for work. Blogs to write! A new episode of Teen Wolf on at 10(I am aware that I am 30 years old. Guilty pleasure, among others. Shut up)! So at 8pm, I decide “Hey, I should take a nap.” and set my alarm for 9pm and asked my mother(yes, I also still live at home! Keep judging me, bitches!) to come in and wake me up if I didn’t wake up on my own. Which I did not. And she also did not wake me until 10:15. So there’s that. It’s not after 12 and I’m wide awake, watching Teen Wolf and blogging. I have to be up at 6am. And it’s supposed to be so cold tomorrow that some schools in the state are either closed or with delayed openings. My personal opinion on THAT? NJ needs to get their shit together and stop becoming so complacent with the fact that we’ve had a few warmer than usual winters. Cold weather happens in this state! Prepare for it! In MY day, we never would have been closed OR delayed for this! And we would still have to go to school if it snowed! Now, I understand that more kids are either on a bus or walk nowadays than they used to, but parents and towns alike should prepare for bad weather and have back up plans, experienced bus drivers, buses equipped for the road conditions, etc. Don’t argue with me, I’m right. That being said, I’m a super cranky being today and I should probably force myself to sleep(thank god for my eye mask, otherwise those babies would be popping open all night, making for an even CRANKIER me tomorrow!). Speaking of presssure(NaBloPoMo theme), which I will write about more in depth when I’m not exhausted and/or a crankpot, now I’m feeling pressure to be well rested and have a productive weekday. Not to mention that fact that I am singing in a local Voice competition this week(mid-week, which means a late night when I have work the next morning! The things we do for our dreams!) AND I’m auditioning for the ACTUAL show, The Voice on Saturday in Philly…and I’ve been sick and have not yet picked a song. So there’s some pressure right there! How bout them apples?! Ok I’m a spaz. Good night, all!


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