Slothturday. I mean, Saturday…

So what if I had a bunch of days off for the holiday, then a snow day and now the weekend? I’m entitled to be a sloth if I want to! Actually, I can’t even say that I was. So, I slept in til about noon today. But I eventually got up, read an entire magazine and wrote a blog review on it, cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed, cleaned the litter boxes, fed the cats, gave Princess Kitty her medicine, cooked myself dinner, did a load of laundry, caught up on some tv… If I was a sloth, I would have just laid in bed all day long and did NOTHING! So there! Disregard that title, folks! And there’s STILL one more day left in my weekend so BOO-YAH!

That being said, because I haven’t left my house or experienced anything new today, I don’t have much material to go with here. I’m new at this whole blogging thing. I want to do it every day in both of my blogs, but I’m not sure what tone I want this blog to take. I have my professional blog, which is on another account and will not be associated with this one; gotta keep my personas separated! I tried having a go at a sex and relationships blog, transferred it to Facebook, but then I decided I wanted to go back to being anonymous if I did that. Which means I would have to pick a new title, re-vamp what I had already blogged about, and then find a way to generate traffic to it without sharing the link on Facebook. I know there are some pro-bloggers out there. Help a sista out. How do I become more popular? Do I have to have an underlying theme to the blog or can I just rant and rave and talk about my crazy life and all it’s happenings? I don’t necessarily want to make money off of this, but I want to know that people are reading and i’m not just keeping this blog as a diary to myself.

Well, it’s 8:30 pm and Dance Moms and a Lifetime movie are calling my name! Hopefully I can fall asleep earlier so I can, in turn, wake UP earlier and have a more productive day tomorrow. Even though Sunday is a day of rest…

Ah, well.

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