Snow Day!

Snow day, snow day, it’s a snow day!(she sings out loud, in a joyful voice).

Except not really. I hate snow. I hate the cold! Make it go away! I need to move to Florida or something. Winter is just not for me. Although I’m glad my crazy morning filled with bitter cold, snow, ice and anxiety about driving to work was made better by the fact that I could change into my pjs and lay back in my nice warm bed, I am just not happy about the snow. Snow days ruin my life. They ruin my schedule. My paycheck. My balance. Why is summer SO far away? I want my beach back. The hot sun on my face. My flip flops. Picnics every day on the beach. C’mon, man! That’s all I want!

Maybe Hawaii… which would be the warmest place to move without dying from sweltering heat and humidity? Because I am seriously going to have to reconsider relocating!

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